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When and how to Test.

You can test a sample of urine collected at any time of day and start at any time your choose. There is no need to collect first morning samples or to restrict your fluid intake before testing.

 You use one test panel a week. Test at weekly intervals. Perimenopause and menopause are indicted by a series of at least 3 positive test results, obtained successively at weekly intervals.


How do I interpret the results.

Q) I have had one positive result followed by a negative result, what does this mean?

 A) FSH elevates for short periods in normal cycles. It is the extended elevation of FSH, which indicates perimenopause and menopause. One positive, or episodic positive test results do not indicate perimenopause.


Q) My test results are negative, but I am still getting some suggestive symptoms. When should I retest?

A) In the absence of menopausal symptoms test every 6-12 months. If symptoms suggest perimenopause then test at two monthly intervals.


Q) My tests are positive, what should I do?

A) Once perimenopause or menopause has been detected you can decide on various options including reviewing your diet and exercise regimes. Some women may wish to consider Hormone Replacement therapy, and calcium and vitamin D supplements and will need to discuss this with their General Practitioner or Family Doctor.


Q) My tests are positivecan I stop using contraception?

A) No!  You may still have some fertile cycles before menopause is finally established, and will need to discuss this with your Doctor.


Q) What is the difference between perimenopause and menopause? 

A) Perimenopause is the term used for the time when approaching ovulatory failure occurs with the consequent end of fertility. Menopause refers to the time when this has occurred and fertility has ended. The period over which a lady may be perimenopausal is very variable.

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